Based on my first Instructable.

Add Rtc(realtimeclock) to your Instructable .

1 Arduino
1 Usb conector wire
1 RTC DS1307
1 Wires
1 Device to upload scetch.
1 time / DS1307RTC  libraries http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/time

Step 1:

conect rtc to arduino.

conect  SDA  to Arduino A4.
conect  SCL  to Arduino A5.
conect vcc to  +5v
conect gnd to gnd
Very nice! What would the code be if I wanted to reduce lcd wiring to 4 wires with an I2C?
? don t know.
<p>good work</p>
<p>What happen when RTC module ran out of battery? Do I have to connect the Arduino and reload the sketch?</p>
<p>how to set alarm using same library on rtc arduino??or timed event? </p><p>plz helppp</p>
<p>Rtc again shows garbage values..i followed all steps..plz help.......</p><p>The current date and time is: 165, 20165 153:165 PM</p><p>Please change to newline ending the settings on the lower right of the Serial Monitor</p><p>Would you like to set the date and time now? Y/N</p><p>Please enter the current year, 00-99. - 14</p><p>Please enter the current month, 1-12. - September</p><p>Please enter the current day of the month, 1-31. - 17</p><p>Please enter the current day of the week, 1-7.</p><p>1 Sun | 2 Mon | 3 Tues | 4 Weds | 5 Thu | 6 Fri | 7 Sat - Wednesday</p><p>Please enter the current hour in 24hr format, 0-23. - 13</p><p>Please enter the current minute, 0-59. - 13</p><p>The data has been entered.</p><p>The current date and time is now: 165, 20165 153:165 PM</p><p>Thank you.</p>
<p>@ nikhilbadhe11</p><p>conect it to 5 volt not to 3volt,</p><p>pherhaps it is broken? check your soldering , and take a look at this <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Setting-the-DS1307-Real-Time-Clock-using-the-Seria/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Setting-the-DS1307...</a> they have the same trouble.</p>
<p>my rtc shows this garbage value time . 165/165/165 45:165:165 </p><p>after setting it also shows same wrong time ..plz help me..</p>
<p>dear ash124.</p><p>step 3 is only an exemple there&acute;s a bug in it. iwalked around it by entering the time at the big letters year,month,monthday.weekday,hour,minute direct in the skript. than i uploadet it. you have to take step 4 enter your time like shown in step 3 and upload it.</p>
<p>Hi!</p><p>I am facing the same problem as stuartsjg faced ...i-e when i pressed &quot;Y&quot; i got the message of thank you in the serial monitor ,and during this action i had disabled the newline ,still i got the same problem it looks like that the program is not jumping to the setTime() loop... here is the picture of serial monitor..plz help me out in this</p>
<p>Nice tutorial. Very helpful!</p><p>They sell the DS1307 on this webstore: <a href="http://voltatek.com/en/sensors/34-i2c-rtc-ds1307-at24c32-real-time-clock-module-raspberry-pi-arduino.html" rel="nofollow">http://voltatek.com/en/sensors/34-i2c-rtc-ds1307-a...</a></p>
thx they sell it to http://www.amazon.de/s/?ie=UTF8&amp;keywords=rtc+ds1307&amp;tag=googhydr08-21&amp;index=aps&amp;hvadid=28697841386&amp;hvpos=1t1&amp;hvexid=&amp;hvnetw=g&amp;hvrand=17162271407903030750&amp;hvpone=&amp;hvptwo=&amp;hvqmt=b&amp;hvdev=t&amp;ref=pd_sl_4rfh8wen50_b

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