RUST Instructuble


Introduction: RUST Instructuble

Hi today I am going to tell you about a few ways of crafting in RUST online game

Step 1:


1) Craft fire

Step 2:

2) Put some coil or wood to fire so it can keep

Step 3:

3) Put some meat
in the fire

Step 4:

4) To do it press OPEN button

Step 5:

5) Then remove meat from inventory part to loot one.

Step 6:

6) Wait

Step 7:

7) Then you will get fried meat, which you can eat (don't forget to remove it to inventory part)

Step 8:


1) You need to find instruction how to create 9 mm pistol, it looks like this:

Step 9:

2) To do it you
will need METAL FRAGMENTS, you can create them in same way you cooked food in fire, but craft it you will need not MEAT but METAL ORE.

3) So you have to go to crafting panel

Step 10:

3) There you have to chose 9mm Pistol.

Step 11:

3) And after that just wait for 1 minute and you will
get what you need.




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    3 Discussions

    I love rust, keep making more rust instructables pls

    Never heard of this game before. Is it a PC game, or something on an iPad?