For the serious BIG RIG campers among us night time backup lights are great for those late night campground arrivals.  Many plan to arrive and setup long before dark sets in.  While I like that idea it doesn't always agree with the way things actually happen.  I've pulled into a campground many a night well after dark set in.  So I reverted back to my days of driving an 18 wheeler and the lighting system the company I drove for had on their rigs.

Step 1: Rear Wheel Lights

I like camping in state parks and wooded campgrounds.  I don't really care much for the paved campgrounds although their sites are usually already leveled.  I've pulled into some campgrounds with big ditches and drop-offs large enough to swallow a big rig.  Since my luck has not always allowed me to arrive before dark I needed help in pulling into dark places.

These lights are simple fog lights from Walmart for about $19 for the pair.

Locate where you want to place the lights and find a suitable place to attach them to the vehicle.  It's best to try and locate a position for them at night or in a dark place to actually see how much improvement you will obtain from each position.  I used a separate car battery attached to one of the lights having the light on as I tried different locations on the bus to see where I could get the best visibility and leaving the light in the least danger of road hazard.

Once I decided on a location I mounted them and wired them. There is an amber pilot light on the dash to tell me when the rear wheel backup lights are on.

These are not connected to the reverse switch so that if needed I can also turn them on while inching forward in some treacherous terrain and see that I am not driving forward into a ditch.
This is cool, I think bus conversions are great. <br><br>Are there any advantages of converting a bus vs buying a class a motorhome?

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