Step 5: Attach the Smaller Diameter Rods

The 4 smaller diameter rods will be attached to the front power jacks. This is why the jacks need to have holes down the sides. Ours have manually lowering feet so the jacks don't have to be lowered so far, and the holes are there for the catch pin. Because our holes run through the jack legs from side to side, the two side rods can be blot directly to the legs; however, the two front rods will need to be attached to the other two L-brackets which can be bolted directly to the legs.

The L-brackets need to be bolted tightly to the legs, but the rods need to be able to pivot as the jack legs are raised and lowered. This is where the lock nuts come in handy. They don't need to be tightened all the way, just enough that the rods don't have much play room but are still allowed to pivot.
Great instructable. My husband and I are planning on staying in our 5th wheel for about 4 months. I'd love an instructable on the different challenges you've overcome to stay on the road that long, lol
Thank you. And good luck with the RV living. Maybe I will write an Instructable on how to survive and not kill your spouse...
Good setup. I think you could also attach to Stab jacks and scissor jacks the same way you did to the landing gear. Also Check out www.steadyfast.com . There is a lot of info about stabilizing on that site as well as their product.
Thanks. These kinds of professional systems are what I based my designs from. I just didn't want to spend 10x as much for something I could easily make myself! I was originally planning to do it for the back scissor jacks as well, but that part of the camper didn't rock near as bad as the front did. Plus I didn't come up with a good way to mount them to those jacks before we were traveling in places that wouldn't allow me to do any metal working due to the noise.
Great Project! The camper rocking has a physics component. Consider, the tires are flexible and wobble, when the stands are extended they also wobble because they are just long rods. With the addition of the cross supports, you now created multiple triangles. In physics the only time a triangle can change shape is when it is crushed. By having multiple and back to back triangles you have made a stable foundation for the camper to rest upon. Again great job, I have an older Class A RV and will add these to it also. Keep up the good work.
You're exactly right. Isn't math fun? <br>
Great Idea! Thanks. I'm going to get started on a set of these soon!
Awesome! Be sure to post a photo and tell me how they work.

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