In this instructable, I will share the simple process of removing the back seats on an RX300.  My kids are still very young and believe me, things get spilled.  To help eliminate odor and just to feel better about the general condition, sometimes its nice to actually clean under the seats.  A spilled strawberry smoothie was cause for this exercise in my case.

Before you begin, please note that the passenger side seat is probably 60lbs and may require assistance to actually remove it.  You may be able to tip and leverage it into the cargo area without as much effort, but be careful not to hurt yourself.  As usual, proceed at your own risk.  You will also need a size 14mm socket for the removal of the primary bolts.  I used an impact wrench to get them loose as I could not get good leverage with my hand tools.  I'm sure if I didn't have an impact wrench at my disposal I would have gotten them, but I would have had to break a sweat. :)

Also Note:  You will need a size 10mm wrench and I recommend two standard flat head screw drivers to help remove the nylon push in clips.

Step 1: Where Do I Start?

For an easier process, remove any extras from the cargo area.  Next, flip the seats forward so that you can gently pry the cargo floor cover up.  In the photo above, I have already done this.  There is no good way to display it, but seeing the finished result should help you visualize what has to happen.

After the cargo floor cover flap is flipped out of the way, you will see about 7 black circles along the edge at the back of the seats.  These are the heads of the push-in clips holding the back of the seat covers.  These will have to be removed carefully.
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