Hello all. I was hungry and bored during my second week of summer vacation, so decided to whip myself up an instant ramen. However this is not just ANY instatn ramen... it is THE instatn ramen that is traditional for hungry lonely Korean men. OMNOMNOMNOM

Step 1: Ingredients...

Here is what you need to cook thid Super Ramen.

First.... the Ramen itself. I buy this Korean ramen named "Nature is Delicious" (i know... korean people make up the wierdest crap). The reason i buy this becasue it is spicy and taste clean. The noodles ARE NOT fried, so the calorie count is significantly less than your normal Ramen. It compensates for what im about to put in i guess xD

Next, you will need to hot dog links, thin sliced rice cakes, an egg, a slice of cheese, and a stalk of green onions (which i ran out of T^T)

Most unimportantly.. you need a pot and water..... :b
This is kind of okay but man, you could do it up a lot better. First, skip the hot dogs - that's nasty. I'd hit up some odeng that's way better. Also, where be the kimchi? That stuff is grubbin. A lot of onions is nice as well. Anyways, yeah I think the only reason lonely Korean guys'd be eating that is because they're letting their 'I can't cook' flag fly... Don't get me wrong - Instant noodles are my life - www.theramenrater.com - that's my thing and all. But ya gotsta finesse it.
Sorry, just dont like fish cake an kimci in every single meal i eat every day. I tried onions once, but they add this flavor that turns the ramen into a kind of jjambong, which i did not like. But dont get me wrong, onions are my favorite vegetable
i am gonna have to try this one day.
That looks delicious!
my mom said that i only can eat an instant noodle once a week. but, every time my mom go somewhere...i go buy some instant noodle at the market...i did the same thing like in the instructables accept i don't put some cheese in it. ow...i also doesn't put the spices when cooking the noodle....i put the boiled stuff on a bowl then add the spices.
That is some fancy ramen. And I have to admit this sounds good!

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