Picture of Rabbit Sized Archery Target
This archery target is close to the size of a rabbit. It can stop a field point arrow from a 55lbs compound bow at 10m. The arrow gets stopped quickly without bending arrows and they pull out easily.
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Step 1: Getting Stuff

Picture of Getting Stuff
13 5:55 PM.jpg
For this target you will need: A 2 L milk bottle 3 old t-shirts or random rags

Step 2: Putting Rags In A Bottle

Picture of Putting Rags In A Bottle
Cut up the shirts into smaller pieces and stuff them in a empty milk bottle.

Step 3: Shoot It

Picture of Shoot It
Have fun Over time you'll need to replace the bottle
Thanks I have now started using this method.
Truehart2 years ago
Nice i'ble.