Picture of Race Car Veggie Box
While walking home from dinner one evening, we ran into a Little Tikes car bed frame on the street for the taking. We immediately started quoting the car bed scene from Grandma's Boy. We looked at each other in awe at this rad find, decided we didn't have room for it in our tiny apartment, and were bummed that we couldn't take it home. Then Matt exclaimed, "Let's use it as a veggie box!"

And the Car-den was born.

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Step 1: You'll Need

Picture of You'll Need
-A Car Bed frame or other found object that's garden-bed appropriate
-Weed blocking cloth or mesh if you've got gophers/moles--available at any nursery/some hardware stores
-Soil, plus any amendments your soil needs (compost, pearlite, fertilizer, etc)
-Veggies (seeds or sprouts)
-Bumper stickers, silver spraypaint etc. for pimping your Car bed
-Tools: shovel, rake, trowel, etc.

Car beds are expensive new, but if you can luck into some other strong enclosure, you can do this very cheaply. We have a dream of a backyard full of found-object vegetable beds. Anyone have a cast iron tub they're looking to get rid of? :-)

Since there's no construction of the box, this project can easily get set up in an afternoon.

Step 2: Site, level and lay ground cover

Picture of Site, level and lay ground cover
With the exception of the awesome enclosure, the rest of this Instructable is straightforward vegetable gardening. If you're a newbie like me, read on:

Site your box in an area with at least six hours of full sunlight/day if you're planting mixed vegetables.

Measure your bed, level out the ground underneath if needed, and lay the groundcloth/mesh below where your bed is going. Use the stakes to secure groundcloth.

calicos4 years ago
Again, this is what I love about this site! How clever and fun and interesting and, and, and -lots more! Geez, I'm regretting now not picking up the sailboat-sand box my neighbor had on the curb this summer! Thank you for sharing this, you should be so proud of yourself (selves). You know, the DYI shows on cable are getting fewer and fewer and the ones that remain are just too over the top. If some producer was smart, they'd create a DYI show based on this site. These ideas can be done by "real people" since that's who submitted them! Again, this is a great idea and thanks for sharing! I will definitely be looking for something like you have to turn into a garden for the kids - they'll love it! GREAT JOB!
ERCBIENG5 years ago
 Great way to repurpose and old bed! Love the creativity!
kelseymh5 years ago
Outstanding!  But isn't that kind of small for a .... wait for it ... truck farm?  >ba-da-bing<
izzyinsf (author)  kelseymh5 years ago

Someone's always done it already, huh? :-)
Possibly, but that's not my link.  I was making a bad pun -- a "truck farm" is a small farm which grows produce for truck delivery to local markets.
izzyinsf (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
Ha, apparently I am completely immune to puns. My google search for truck farm got me all sorts of planted trucks. Sigh...