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Pic of final product. Everything including timers was built from scratch. Using a slot car race track I was able to build a PLC driven simulator. With a flip of a switch, drag race from point A to B or complete 5 laps to see who's the quickest. Tree light for each lane to indicate who won or who was disqualified for leaving to soon. I'm currently working on a 8051 microcontroller version. I will post when complete. This project was my capstone project at ITT Tech. Thanks for viewing.

Step 1: Detail

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Step 2: Electrical Wiring

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Step 4: PLC Program

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MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2015-01-06

Wow looks so great! I just wish there some more details and pictures on how you built it!

Well thank you. I will try to post more details and even get a video so people can see how it works.

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