Introduction: Racing Animation

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This animation, involves two hot wheels, cars, racing to see, who will win at the finish, its pretty intense!

Step 1: Materials

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Step 2: Ideas That Were Processed

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The ideas that I wanted to try were making at first a figure 8 track but, I thoguht I couldn't do it, didn't ahve the right amount of pieces and I would lost track of what goes where, so I decided to make an oval track since, it seemed simple and easy to do, and it actually worked out perfectly!

Step 3: Making of the Process

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The making of the racing, was quite fun during throughout the animation, I got to have some fun and just relax, it was quite a amazing instructable to do, the making was very easy, building the oval track and using two hot wheel cars, plain and simple!

Step 4: Finishing Tocuhes

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The finsihing touches were, just making sure, everything was in place and how it looked on screen while processing it into a video format

Step 5: Here's the Video Now ENJOY!

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mindcraftmaster (author)2013-10-10

its really good

:( I don't see it the video doesn't exist btw I got a joke why did the doctor leave amy and rory because he hates them so much and then in christmas he changed into a grany

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