Racing Seat 2.1 + Passenger Seat





Introduction: Racing Seat 2.1 + Passenger Seat

One day we were playing a racing game on the Xbox 360. Had to find out that playin racing games on a little tiny controller is not that much fun. So we came up with the idea to get a racing seat, Force Feedback Steering Wheel with pedals and started constructing and building a need gameseat. We called it Racing Seat 2.1.

Step 1: Get All the Stuff Together...

I baught following parts:


-Xbox 360 Steering Wheel with Pedals

-Cupholder (illuminated)

-USB/12Volt Charger

-LED string (5Meter) just a cheap one ;)

and of course some plywood, vinyl and carpet, screws, nails, staples, zipties, wire and some beer...

Step 2: Get Started...

My buddy and me had some drinks while brainstorming and doing some drawings. The Basic was pretty straight forward. A shot and some beer later the idea was to add on the cup holder, the usb port and so on and so on...

Step 3: The Base

Cut out the wood, add some "feets" and glue on the carpet. Pay attention to the corners...

Step 4: "Airboxes" Sides

Framework build for the sideboxes.

Step 5: Wiring It Up

(Sorry did not take any pictures of the front end. Maybe will add some later...)

Front area:

Wire up the steering wheel, pedals. Add the speaker cables for the front L/H & R/H side. Add the HDMI, Power Cables (Audio Cables) from the Projector.

Rear area:

in the L/H Box we stowed the electrical components. Such as 12V power supply for LED and USB Charger/Cigarette Lighter, Xbox power supply and all speaker wires. Run cables diagonal for speakers/USB Charger.

Setup the LED Strip. I simply used staples to attache the LED Strip. (BE CAREFUL NOT TO PINCH THE STRIP)

Step 6: Some Deatils

The Subwoofer has been mounted underneath the seat. For some more deatiled action ;)

The IR-Sensor has been wired to stick out of the R/H Box.

Everything else is pretty much straight forward.

Step 7: Enjoy

We had a blast building it... and even more playing... ;)

Demo of the LED's (video on youtube)

In Action (video on youtube)

Let me know what you think... But dont tell me i am crazy. My wife already told me that a few times :)

Feel free to leave a comment. THX!

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Step 8: Updated Pictures of Frontbox

Here are some detailed pictures of the front box. Basically i took thin plywood to get the round shape and added some 2x2"s to get the construction. Sprayglued the fabric onto it ;)

Step 9: To Get Fancy... Passengerseat!

Now that we had the entire seat done... where does the passenger seat? Ok lets get him also a nice seat. The construction is almost the same as the driverseat.

Also included the cupholder, LED's and a speaker... Connected to the subwoofer of the driver seat. so that the passenger gets the same ratteling feeling when you hit the curbs.

And integrated a hidden box for the winnerdrink ;)



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what is the total cost of this seat start to finish?

Frickin sweet I want one to play forza on

So so cool ?

Superb and just the thing that I would love to have in my living room:) to bad it's so expensive to make it like the driving simulators we used to have in the gaming arcades when I was young and before the government in my control it all country banned gambling in all of its ways except for them selves and what they can make money from:)

That looks fantastic! 'Looks like you're using a Benq short-throw projector - excellent idea. I'll bet it's an awful lot of fun.

Correct. BenQ Short Throw Projector works fine. you do not need to be that far away from the wall. that gives you an ideal cockpit feeling ;)

And it is a lot of fun.... Big Boys Toys :)

Wow that is neat, have you seen the new fanatec shifters?