Rack for Microwave and Oven





Introduction: Rack for Microwave and Oven

This is a very simple project to do, but thanks to him I have an oven at home.The only place I had on the oven was already occupied by a microwave oven. The top of the oven heat up so much that you can not put your hand and the bottom is a little warm. So the oven must stand on the top the rack.

You can see the whole project here: Rack for microwave and oven

Step 1: Components and Tools

  • 8 x angle brackets
  • 32 x screws
  • 2 x fibreboards covered
  • 4 x wooden beams
  • 2 mm drill bit
  • screwdriver bit
  • cordless driller

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

At the beginning I measured how much need to cut fibreboard and wooden beams.

Step 3: Drilling and Screwing

For easier screwing, at the beginning I drill the holes with a small drill bit.
I use four screws on one angle bracket.

Step 4: Rack Finished

The rack is finished, it's time to put him in the right place.



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Does a Microwave not require a minimum space between the top, back and sides?

Your terrific project is just what I need but I do want to be safe.

Thank, you. Mickey

Thank, you.

Each microwave is slightly different, but the exact spacing should be included in the instruction manual. In my design nothing is warming up, and I have it for a few months.