Rack for Small Storage/Display





Introduction: Rack for Small Storage/Display


When you start the display rack make sure you have:

Long Board,

Thin Ply-Wood,

Table Saw,


Step 1: Cutting the Board to the Accustom Length.


When you start take the board and cut it to the length of how big you would like the display to be.

Step 2: Cutting the Slits Into the Wood.

Using the table saw cut into the wood small slivers only thick enough to barely fit the thin plywood into.(needs to be tight fit unless you like to use glue). Make sure you measure the height of the object your displaying so you can cut the slits far enough from each other to fit.

**Remember** Measure twice, cut once.

Step 3: Making the Plywood Sqaures

Using the thin plywood cut it to the size wanted.(refer to the picture above). these will be going into the slits of he wood, so make sure you don't make it to big or make it too small.

Step 4: (Optional) Spray Paint.

Spray paint if wanted to the color of your desire.

Step 5: Install the Display

Nail it into the wanted spot and put on your objects for display!

Please comment on instructions and how it worked for you! Thanks!



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Aw it turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing, perfect shelf for all tiny knickknacks.

Thanks, i think it looks great in my room too! You should try using those from cute collections or displaying nick-nacks! I like some of the work you do, like the mario sweater!! its great!


The best part is the fact that you can change out the size of the shelf if you want it bigger.(of course, that doesn't work if you use glue). lol

Hope you like it! got any questions ask and ill reply as soon as possilble!!