Picture of Rack for Storing and Organizing Long Pieces of Material
This short instuctable shows a rack I made for storing and organizing long pieces of material like pipes, tubing, angle iron, dowels, and rods. This type of rack is a very compact and effective way for storing this type of material. It sure beats just leaning them all in a corner.

I can’t claim that this is entirely my own idea. I got the inspiration from a display in a hardware store that was constructed this way. It was used to hold the long, thin bracket pieces used with adjustable shelving. I took the basic idea, but added wheels to make it portable.

As you can see from the pictures, it is basically a plywood box containing individual square tubes that function as compartments to keep your material in. I made three tiers to the rack, one with 24 inch long tubes, one with 18 inch long tubes, and one with 12 inch long tubes. There are a total of 10 tubes of each height.

I also added two wheels in the back, along with a handle on the front, to allow the rack to be moved around. This comes in very handy when you need to relocate the rack for cleaning, etc.
anasdad1 year ago

What a great Instructable! Thanks for posting it!


stevet474 years ago
The downspouts don't look like the cheap metal ones with the wavy pattern that I am used to seeing. Are these plastic?
LargeMouthBass (author)  stevet474 years ago
Yes, they are plastic. It has been about 5 years since I built this unit, but if I recall the downspouts in the picture cost about $3 for a 10 foot length.

I have since built another, similar unit using some different plastic downspouts. These have a wavy pattern like the metal ones, and are a bit more flimsy than the ones in this instructable, but they still work fine.

There's no reason you couldn't use metal ones. The rack isn't meant to hold massive amounts of weight. The plastic ones would probably be easier to cut than metal ones, without leaving jagged edges. I just used my bandsaw.
Phil B4 years ago
Using downspout tubes for the compartments is a clever idea.