For the last four years I've had jobs that require me to travel a great deal. This instructable will highlight some of the things I've learned in this time about packing, travel by car and plane, hotels and other assorted bits of travel knowledge. These appear in no particular order, but I've tried to group related topics together.

Disclaimer: Many of the images in this instructable are clip art based or gathered from the internet. Airport security asks a lot of question these days of people who are taking pictures of airport security check points. And since I'm too cute to go to prison I decided to gather images in another fashion.

Step 1: Packing

Some folks swear by only having a carry on and never checking a bag. My trips always last longer than what I can fit in a carry-on so I go with a checked bag. In all my trips I've only had two instances when it didn't arrive with me. In order to make your bag more easily identifiable at the baggage claim tie something to the handle. I went with green ribbon and my priority club luggage tag. This greatly reduces the number of black suticases I think are mine.

One of the biggest time savers I've found with packing is pre-packing. I have my shave kit constantly stocked with duplicates of deodorant, tooth paste, tooth brush, razors, nail clippers etc. This saves about ten minutes because you don't have to gatther everything up and put it in order. Instead you have to just grab a few things like perscription meds and you're ready to roll.

A note on perscription meds. If you are traveling by air keep these in your carry-on in the event your checked bag is lost or delayed. Also make sure you keep your meds in their original containers if travelling through customs or to a foreign country.

Since most of my traveling is done by car I put the amount of my meds I'll need in an old bottle and leave the rest at home. This way if I forget my shave kit in the hotel I don't have to drive back to get it. It can make a leisurely return trip through the U.S. mail and I'll still be properly medicated.

I always have two plastic bags in my suitcase. A large one to place dirty clothes in and a small one for shoes. I also carry some plastic cups. After seeing a great many news reports about how glasses aren't being properly washed at hotels, I decided not to take the chance. Call it paranoia if you wish, but the idea of drinking out of a glass cleaned with Lysol just isn't appealing to me.

To save a little space when packing I roll up my belt and place it in my shoe.
<p>The TSA limit on liquids is 3oz bottles and as much as will fit in a 1qt bag, one bag per flyer. 3-1-1 not 3 one oz bottles. </p>
In hotels and motels I like to make a mental note of how to evacuate the building in case of a fire. This means being aware of where the fire exit is before going to sleep, and maybe checking it out before turning off the lights at night. Imagine trying to find it if the hallways are partially filled with smoke.
where we live every booth is marked as OGS,KGS,Receipt for Class 1(cars) and Receipt for Class ?(trucks and buses).Oh,and the OGS lane is painted as yellow.<br/><sub>Note:OGS is E-pass for u americans,and KGS uses prepaid cards.</sub><br/>
Great tips!
I like the first picture you might want to fix step number eight there's children on this site but then again, there's lots of adults
Thanks. It's amazing what you can do with clip art and photoshop.
Simply amazing Instructable! I myself don't travel as often, but my dad does a lot of the same things!<br/><br/>Regarding parking: We usually try to park somewhere obvious, like in a corner. We also write down the column we parked in, and on which side so that it's easier to find the vehicle.<br/><br/>It might also help to carry a tire in the trunk with that kit. <sup>*cough cough*</sup><br/><br/>One last thing: Step 3, that blue-gripped knife. Is that an out the side switchblade? If it is, I have one exactly like it with a black grip.<br/><br/>Once again, awesome Instructable. Happy travels!<br/>
Don't worry, the spare tire is under the floorboard. His big brother won't let him travel without it. (Of course his big brother can be an intrusive know-it-all, but his heart's in the right place.)
Correct. The tire is under the floor board of the trunk and my brother's heart is in his chest. :)
Which side of his chest? Dun dun duuuun.
Actually it varies depending on my mood. Sometimes I want to freak out the medical staff, so I make it travel all over my torso. You should've been there the day I had it down by my stomach. That was a hoot!
I put mine in my left foot. Nobody ever checks the left foot. &lt;_&lt;; <sup></sup>-<sup>'</sup><br/>
I'm assuming the left...but now that you mention it I've never really checked.
Actually it varies depending on my mood. Sometimes I want to freak out the medical staff, so I make it travel all over my torso. You should've been there the day I had it down by my stomach. That was a hoot!
Not a switchblade. Just a folding knife. Switchblades are illegal where I live and I'm too cute for prison life.
:P Where I live, out the front/top switchblades are illegal. These means when you push the button, the blade just shoots out straight. :==:-&gt; How ever, if it opens out the side, it's completely legal. :=<sup></sup>=:<br/>

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