Picture of Radial Engine 1/4 scale
con rod.JPG
connecting rod assembly.JPG
crank case.JPG
crank shaft.JPG
cylinder sleave.JPG
front crank case.JPG
front crank shaft assembly.JPG
front crank shaft.JPG
impeller shaft.JPG
impeller super charger.JPG
piston ring.JPG
push rod guide bronze.JPG
I plan on using the printer to make a 1/4 scale radial engine. this engine is of the same configuration as the engine used to power the WW2 bomber "B-17".

I have all of the parts modeled already in solidworks. Ready for printing.

all of the files are attached in pdf format for ease of dissemination. if needed I can provide the Cad drawings for you. I may add them later if necessary to give you a better idea of what I want to print.

unfortunately not all of the files will fit here. I will add links later in order for you to look at them.
wow how long did it take to draw all of that up?
sparten11 (author)  backyardengineer2 years ago
have you had a chance to vote for my instructable?
sparten11 (author)  backyardengineer2 years ago
Several months
sadben2 years ago
this is brilliant, i thank you for this
sparten11 (author)  sadben2 years ago
Thank you for the kind words please vote for me to win.
agrady19951 year ago
You seem to be replying to comments. I have acess to a 3D printer.. Could you provide me with the parts? I use inventor. 2011 currently
mPky2 years ago
WOw, would love a running and puffing vid :)
bwrussell2 years ago
Nice job, reminds me of a college project. A small group of us replicated an old radial engine in Solidworks, I'll see If I have some screenshots lying around, it was a real blast.
Here's what we finished with. I wish I remembered the exact engine model.
complete engine crop.png
I was impressed enough with this project to download it and look over it. Unfortunately I noticed something that caught my eye. A copyrite for a KE OLSRYD. Upon running a search for KE OLSRYD I found this link.

and this link

I would be happy to vote for this project as I think it is wonderful work but from the outside this looks like it is copied from someone else. For me to vote for a project I have to think that they did the work, I am hoping that you can show me the part of the project that you did so I can vote for this project.
sparten11 (author)  backyardengineer2 years ago
I would be also very happy to send you all of my solidworks files for your approval. please let me know your address. there are too many to add to this instructable. I have already tried and cannot fit them there.

Again thank you for your input.

sparten11 (author)  sparten112 years ago
Thank you It all comes down to time and space. not enough room for the sold models too many of them but you are welcome to them they are free and always will be. so if you would like them let me know I am going to set up an ftp site with the 3d cad.

and go vote lol

You do not need my approval to enter or win a contest you just need it for my vote(although I do not think that even counts for anything) I will say I wish you had submitted something that you designed entirely on your own as almost everything in this contest is a drawing of somebody else's work. I just think your other instructibles show enough tallent you could have done something unique. But then again your profile says you have a 3d printer so I guess it is not something you have to win.
sparten11 (author)  backyardengineer2 years ago
i have saved many of the parts from my solidworks to jpeg format so you can now see I have done the work.
This is an entire different indestructible then when I first made the comment, I am glad to see some work without another guys name on it.
sparten11 (author)  backyardengineer2 years ago
yes these are not my drawings i used the layout to make the solidworks 3d printout. as you can see in the prints his copyright and credit are still intact I have reworked the layout from the drawings and reworked parts in a redesign. the originals are not my work. They are my 3d models. Which is what is offered for 3d printing that is what I need to do is print the parts for testing before i build the real thing.
I agree the guy with the pdf files did not even create the engine himself. My problem was that was all you had submitted for viewing. This is much better and I could vote for this instructible. I also do respect you leaving the copyrite in the files I just wish you had posted more of your own work at first so I would not have thought that you just posted someone elses files to win a contest without doing anything.
sparten11 (author)  backyardengineer2 years ago
you can see from the link you have given that the person whom has their cad design has a different cylinder, and a different piston and the crank case is different. as well. they too also redid the design. I was not alive in the 1940 so obviously cannot claim the design of the radial engine. lol
I am building a 1/4 scale replica of a 9 cylinder engine.

thank you very much for letting me know I will look forward to any other observation you have please keep them coming. I appreciate your comments. these are my cad designs i have the complete library to show it.
mbooth42 years ago
The future is awesome, just saying.
Hi sparten 11
I could not get any of the pdf s to open properly just got a heap of dots. maybe you could up load the files to and post a link here.
thingiverse is a pretty cool site and is worth a look,
your engine looks great, are you planing to make an engine that runs?
sparten11 (author)  liquidhandwash2 years ago
do you have the pdf viewer? not a clone viewer. I guess i could upload them. it will have to wait until i get home from work though.
and yes I will be making this to run. I work at a foundry and will be making the molds for a complete engine to mass produce them sometime in the future. but I need to be sure they fit right and this is the cheapest way to test fit them prior to spending all the time and money on molds. but only if i win the contest. without the printer I can't vet the project and make sure the investment is worth it. so please vote for my engine to win.


and please don't forget to vote for my project to win....
I will try a different computer, you have my vote. If you get stuck Ive have access to an UP printer, I could print it off for you, you could use the 3d printed model as a buck for a sand mould, but you knew this already