Step 1: Find a Gun

Picture of Find a Gun
Find a gun to use as a base for your project. I've heard a lot of loose talk about steam punk guns of late, but for this project I was looking for something a little more like Hellboy's "The Samaritan." That is heavy, high caliber and steel. This gun body was a perfect fit and only $2 at my local urban appropriation center. It started life as a playstation light gun and was full of more electronics then your run of the mill toy pistol.

After removing all the screws holding the case together I examined the contents. Of the original hardware I'm going I kept the trigger assembly and the A/B buttons. Everything else got cut out. Be careful to leave longer wires connected to parts you might use, this will save extra soldering later on.

I like to photograph the insides of things as a i take them apart, so i know where everything goes during the rebuild. There's nothing worse than being done and not remembering where that last bolt goes.
Where can you find that gun?
Pwntalive (author)  the commentor7 years ago
You could try used video game stores, garage sales, flea markets or thrift stores. I found mine at the local junk store. If you knew the model # you could check Ebay, have you tried internets?