Step 3: Electrical stuffs

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Internal components ad an extra bit of nerdcore to your already geeky prop gun. Inspired by projects with chasing LEDs and sound chips i originally wanted to cram everything i could into this build, but the relatively small size of this gun body limits the amount of stuff you can cram inside. Settling on a UV LED array and laser, i collected the necessary parts from dealextreme, a hong kong based supply for all things cheap and battery powered.

For the light i removed the 9 led array board from a flashlight and de-soldered the white diodes replacing them with UV leds from eBay. These diodes are cheap, offer no filtering and deliver lots of harmful UV in one direction. Don't look into them or point at your friends eyes. Do check out suspicious stains on their clothes. I was able to salvage the on/off witch from this flashlight, i think i will use it someplace during the build. Start thinking of places to mount it.

The place I want to mount the laser is cramped by the A/B buttons. I'm going to have to remove most of the metal shell from the laser pointer to make it fit; doing this will allow me access to the on/off switch as well. Relocating this switch to the trigger assembly will make this gun much more realistic. Every time the trigger is pulled there will be an audible click and visible red dot on the target. It lends this project some sense of respectability.

After locating the laser switch, bypass it with a wire just behind the diodes single resister. Now you can use any switch to turn the laser on, not just the one it came with. At this point I'd like to mention this laser ran off three 1.5v button cells. I'm going to use three 1.5v AAA batteries to power it from now on. Button cells are expensive and a pain to find, your better off with cheap, easy to locate AAAs for longer life and fewer battery changes. Care should be taken to supply correct voltage to your diode, my LED array and laser just happen to both run on 4.5v. Lucky me.
htlaets7 years ago
does he use the normal torch or micro?
Pwntalive (author)  htlaets7 years ago
Assuming your using the torch in the sense of a "portable battery powered lighting device" and not "rag on stick on fire last seen in Frankenstein films." then i would have to ask for a definition on what micro means in that context. We may be encountering some regional variation on terms here. The "flash light" i used had an 9 led array an ran on 3 1.5v AAA cells
a torch is the same as a flash light. spend more time in other countries... =P lol
Pwntalive (author)  red-king6 years ago
Your reply is neither helpful or necessary. Would you like to add anything relevant with your LOLz?