Step 3: Electrical Stuffs

Internal components ad an extra bit of nerdcore to your already geeky prop gun. Inspired by projects with chasing LEDs and sound chips i originally wanted to cram everything i could into this build, but the relatively small size of this gun body limits the amount of stuff you can cram inside. Settling on a UV LED array and laser, i collected the necessary parts from dealextreme, a hong kong based supply for all things cheap and battery powered.

For the light i removed the 9 led array board from a flashlight and de-soldered the white diodes replacing them with UV leds from eBay. These diodes are cheap, offer no filtering and deliver lots of harmful UV in one direction. Don't look into them or point at your friends eyes. Do check out suspicious stains on their clothes. I was able to salvage the on/off witch from this flashlight, i think i will use it someplace during the build. Start thinking of places to mount it.

The place I want to mount the laser is cramped by the A/B buttons. I'm going to have to remove most of the metal shell from the laser pointer to make it fit; doing this will allow me access to the on/off switch as well. Relocating this switch to the trigger assembly will make this gun much more realistic. Every time the trigger is pulled there will be an audible click and visible red dot on the target. It lends this project some sense of respectability.

After locating the laser switch, bypass it with a wire just behind the diodes single resister. Now you can use any switch to turn the laser on, not just the one it came with. At this point I'd like to mention this laser ran off three 1.5v button cells. I'm going to use three 1.5v AAA batteries to power it from now on. Button cells are expensive and a pain to find, your better off with cheap, easy to locate AAAs for longer life and fewer battery changes. Care should be taken to supply correct voltage to your diode, my LED array and laser just happen to both run on 4.5v. Lucky me.
how did u relocate the lazer power to the triple a battery
well done i have to say and i have to say i really miss that old gun con i remember playing die hard trilogy and time crisis cool way to bring it back good job
i miss time crisis on the playstation
this looks a lot like the 10mm pistol from the fallout games
wow, you know how to make a cool, acshully awsome gun
Wow. This tutorial is a lifesaver! Thanks for the awesome details you put in your sanding and painting steps.<br />
&nbsp;What could be really cool would have it so that when you pull the trigger, the light goes off and the laser pointer goes on, or the other way around. &nbsp;Just wire the components through the trigger in such a manner that the normally closed is the laser pointer, and then when you pull the trigger, the flashlight turns on. &nbsp;That would be nifty. &nbsp;By the way, which playstation is that GunCon from?
That sounds like a great idea for your next instructable. <br /> <br /> I think the gun was from the classic PSX.<br />
http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2049718<br /> this is a switch that u can use for the trigger just wire it like any other switch.&nbsp; if u wire it on positive side it will turn off wen u hit it and negative will turn it on wen u flick it<br />
if i ever do this im using a tv-b-gone for the barrel... just so i can shoot at a tv and make it turn off.<br />
This looks exactly like the 10mm pistol from Fallout3, just with a wooden handle. I'm going to do this now, but baint the handle the same as the rest. And probably have the blaze orange barrel, because it has to have that for most props in Australia. Looks ugly as hell with the safety colour on it, but beggars can't be choosers if you are likely to get shot by the police because of a prop. Nice, simple build too. I just hope the store I have in mind still stocks these...
best flashlight tag ever.....
Pretty sweet, but y did you go to ALL that trouble to make a gun that does'nt even fire any projectiles? I'd b cooler if it shot bb pellets or something.
do you have any idea how much trouble hollywood prop makers go through? he said the end product was a prop. a PROP. not a weapon. also its very nicely done.
Thank you
hey the truth's the truth, brother
Well if it's in a country like OZ you can't make it from a gun that fires something. Airsoft pistols are illegal and so are replicas. To build a gun that actually shoots a projectile would require you to build the entire mechanism and then it would be illegal too.
who said anything about it being legal?
Oh god I LOLed.
Costuming is an art form. Art doesn't necessarily require itself to also be functional. It looks cool, and it makes the creator happy. It doesn't need to do more.
whatever, just saying if you combined visuals AND functionallity, it would b AWESOME!!!
Agreed, though likely illegal. lol The Government's got an issue of unregulated gun production.
the government here is paranoid. you cant take a bug swatter in from another country without getting busted
I do find it a little odd that I can't import a laser pointer or a double edged knife but I can go to a sports shop and buy a speargun.
exactly. Some things hav reasons but that is just stupid. what's o stop people making a bug swatter out of raw componants if they know how anyway?
Exactly. It doesn't need to actually function just look the part. Sadly that too can make some things illegal here as well. LOL
hey, looks like the 10mm on Fallout 3. good job.
That's exactly what I was thinking...
does he use the normal torch or micro?
Assuming your using the torch in the sense of a "portable battery powered lighting device" and not "rag on stick on fire last seen in Frankenstein films." then i would have to ask for a definition on what micro means in that context. We may be encountering some regional variation on terms here. The "flash light" i used had an 9 led array an ran on 3 1.5v AAA cells
a torch is the same as a flash light. spend more time in other countries... =P lol<br/>
Your reply is neither helpful or necessary. Would you like to add anything relevant with your LOLz?
how did u switch the leds plz reply
With a soldering iron and a pair of needle nose pliers.
i say make one with uv leds so it burns people
Well if that's the kind of reason why you'd make something like this, maybe you'd be better off not making it.
have you ever thought that im just very violent
Was... was that an attempt to justify what you said about burning people? Are you seriously trying to say "I'm just violent, so it's ok"? Hell no it's not ok, and if you think it is then you oughta be seeking help.
I wouldn't put that much thought into it, im very sure he didn't. And please don't suggest he clog an already overburdened mental health care system with his sort of adolescent bullshit. I am quite sure that time will show him what an insufferable ponce he's being. maybe once he hits puberty. I don't condone his behavior, i just wish he'd take it someplace else.
I agree, andrewbaker has nothing constructive to add to this instructable.
i would love to see this done with the old NES light gun(for playing duck hunt)oh wait i have one lol got to find it and try something like this out ill keep everyone posted
well This gun is just Awesome! I'm gonna make one for my movie projects. I am glad that it has a laser sight on it. And I dont care if it doesnt fire projectiles, i can put in the muzzle flashes and stuff in after effects
Pretty rad, nice find for the light gun. Only thing I would change would be filling in the screw holes with the plastic compound before painting.
sure, but how do you get the screws in? Or out?
Well, idea would be to put the screws in first, then that's it: only one shot to get it right, but I find the screw holes to be distracting from the realism of the prop. Maybe not the best solution with all the components you have inside though, you'll probably had to open it back up at some point.
like replacing batteries or repairing dry solder joints?
green lasers can't start fires, unless you take one from a pro laser cutter of some kind, and unless you've got at least $6000 burning a hole in your pocket (as opposed to a green laser lol), then that's not too likeley i suppose. i've got loads of guns like this from various places, and i'm going to make this if i can. also in reply to Vautikos and you, you could fill in the screw holes, but convert the gun with some 1/8" plastic (ABS, PVC, whatever you have) so that you can reload it with homemade magazines (more abs/pvc here) that have batteries in, so you can put new batteries in without having to take the whole thing apart. all you have to do is move the button on the bottom of the grip somewhere else.
Wicked lasers sells lasers that start fires for cheap
yeah i know, but dont tell that guy.
That sounds like a really great idea for your next instructable.

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