Radio Cat 3000 Vs. the Pinball





Introduction: Radio Cat 3000 Vs. the Pinball

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I've had a couple of days off this week, so I"ve been building seamster's totally sweet tabletop pinball contraption.  I finished up the basic mechanism today, and decided to test it out.  This isn't really a how to video, I just thought since it was instructables related, you all might enjoy it.

My cat, Radio Cat 3000, likes to sit at the back of the workbench and observe as I build things.  Usually he stays out of the way, content to manage and make sure I'm not messing something up.  Today he just couldn't ignore what I was doing and had to get involved.

I could probably stop with the pinball table now and just leave it as a cat toy, but I've got so many ideas for how to awesome it up!  Stay tuned for a full instructable on all the neat ideas I've got for adding cool things to this already cool project!



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    I would like to see what your working in

    now i need to get myself a hyped-up-kittie, and make myself a pinball machine, just so i can enjoy my time in this fashion.

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    You know, with a few "tunnels" and other obstacles, and if you scaled it up just a hare, and used a slightly softer ball that still had some bounce to it, you would have a marketable product for the pet lover. I can see the people who buy cat towers and such buying this to play with their cats. By the way, your kitten is just adorable!

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    Thanks ahallock, I actually just pulled this half completed project out of storage with the intention of working on it again. I hadn't considered specifically designing it as a cat toy, I'll have to consider it!

    It always amazes me what other people can think of when looking at the same thing you are. I think that's why all those teachers kept yelling "brainstorm!" when we were in school. :) I would love to see what becomes of your idea. Be sure to post an update when you come up with an idea.

     Ian (and Seamster) this is the greatest thing in the universe.  This is something I need.  I'm pretty much giving up on ever acquiring my own "The Machine: Bride of Pinbot" arcade game (which has long been one of the primary goals of my adult life), but maybe I could make one!

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    Thanks Matt.  This was a pretty simple build with very nice results.  With access to some tools and some scrap wood I'm sure you could cobble it together.

    Cats are amusing, but you can see kitty realising "I can't eat this"... if only all pinball machines had live-cats in them...?


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    Live cats in the pinball machines!?  Don't tell PETA!

    Well, more like kittens. Think about the internet for a few seconds and it's not hard to cat-theme a pinball machine? Get the big power up and a cat plays the keyboard to disco lights...


    Nice.  It looks like the flippers work pretty well.  I'm excited to see the full, "awesomed up" version.

    I particularly enjoy toys and games that don't have any lights or sounds, but that might be right up your alley.  Any plans to add some electronics to this?

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    Yeah, totally!  That was the main reason I decided I wanted to do my own instructable based on yours.  You make it pretty clear that your pinball machine is strictly non-electronic and built from leftover stuff in your shop.  I've got plenty of scrap wood, but I've also got many little elctronic bits and pieces lying around, so mine will (hopefully) have a bunch of electronics in the design. 

    I won't be putting in anything that makes noise, and probably no flashing lights (though there will probably be some lights involved), but I'd like to include a score keeper, some powered mechanical parts like doors and ball traps, and some other things.  Also, I was thinking about making a 1/3 size second level with a single flipper, but that might be a bit too ambitious!

    Thanks for the awesome idea seamster, I'm really enjoying putting it all together.

    That sounds really cool.  I'm excited to see it all done.  Good luck on the rest!