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I found this old ceiling fan on the side of the road.

I took it apart and opened the motor. I removed the stator so the rotor would spin more freely...

Step 1:

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I then cut a hole in a piece of plywood so the bottom of the motor would fit in. I then made up the sides so as this would form a base,...

Step 2:

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I then made up a sort of clamp where the pole used to fit. I was going to use the original pole but was made of plastic and may not have been strong enough. I had some old tent poles which fitted the hanging bracket but even with the bracket tightened right up the pole still wobbled, so I needed to strenthen it...

I had to find a way to make sure the pole was vertical before drilling the holes for extra bolts. My router table and a spirit level did the job.. 

Step 3:

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I used the piece ply I cut out earlier (to fit motor in) over the top of the poles to hold everything up. I used epoxy to hold it there.

I them made the top platform and fitted a block of ply to it with a hole for the small pole to fit in.

I put a small cup hook in to attach the platform to...

Step 4:

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I fitted a short piece of chain to the small pole. I hooked this onto the cup hook in the top platform. This gave me a flexable joint so if the helicopter got airborne It could react to the controls without getting away....

Step 5:

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I fitted a clamping device to hold the helicopter down.

Step 6: Watch Video....

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There is it doing what it is supposed to...

Watch video,,,, HERE...


mr fat (author)2012-08-24

great work!

Dr Qui (author)2011-03-03

Great idea, nice way of safeguarding all you hours of work that heli looks like a real beast to control.

Nice helicopter, I was given 2 large nitro models last year one with engine but no servos, and one in an even more incomplete state.

They are due to be dismantled so they can donate their bearings and linkages for a a couple of stationary engines.

The training stand would still not be enough for me to restore the 2 I was given. I just know they would eventually crash on me and all the work would be in vain.

zazenergy (author)2011-03-02

It would be great if you could embed the video in the instructable. Otherwise, looks great!

Yeah... tried for two days... just would'nt do it....?

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