Radio Lamp USB Flash





Introduction: Radio Lamp USB Flash

It's my first job in steampunk. Made as a gift for radio amateur. Oak wood, brass, old radio lamp and 8 Gb USB flash drive



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    love it!

    BEAUTIFUL... but I'd love to see how was done

    Beautiful work, just beautiful. Do please provide some "how-to" details.

    Absolutely gorgeous! What color stain did you use? It's really handsome.

    If I had to guess, I'd say the 'vacuum tube' is the glass envelope from a neon bulb, with the USB drive's activity light rigged to provide the 'filament glow'. Pretty slick looking no matter how you look at it.

    Looking at it again, perhaps the 'tube' is a automotive bulb. The bulb number escapes me, but it has two metal sleeves on either end. It is ( or at least was) used for dome lights and glove compartment lights.

    it is mostly like this
    vacuum diode or something like that - nice looking piece of glass with a kind of metall inside :)))

    I've never seen a radio tube quite that small; even the CV4501subminiature tube they have in the wiki entry looks bigger than the thing in this project. Of course, I'm hardly an expert on radio tubes,. and maybe either the wiki entry or the photo here might be exaggerating the size a bit.

    A neon bulb would have a couple of electrodes in it, though whatever is in the glass envelope here does appear to be considerably more elaborate.

    I've got this instructable in my favorites, I'm dying to see the play-by-play on how he built this thing!

    i've added couple of pics with parts used in project