Introducing the new Radio Wave. This new Product will revolutionize how sailors and water sport enthusiasts will listen to the radio, or just  put music to your ears in the shower. The radio wave is the result of a 12 week product design project at Dundee University. The task was to use the workings from an existing radio and redesign it completely. I loosely based my radio on a character card that i made but i deviated from it along the way. This rugged and impact resistant radio will withstand the hardest knocks and can be taken anywhere and stuck to almost any surface. have a go at building one for yourself. I will take you through exactly what you need to build it and the way i found best to make it.

Step 1: Materials List

This is a list of the materials that you will need to build the radio wave

. 1 working radio chip and speaker
. arox 1sq M of fiberglass matting
. arox 500ml of fiberglass resin
. arox 10 ml of fiberglass hardener
. 1 new bathroom plunger
. 1 tub of car body filler and hardener
. 3 small pieces of wood
. 2 small pieces of 3 mm pvc plastic
. 1 old bike inner tube
. 3 small nuts and bolts ( size is optional)
. 1 hot melt glue stick
. 1 can of gloss spray paint

These are the materials i use but many can be substituted with alternate build methods.

great! <br>
I likes zis!
hmm. this interests me greatly, as i am a man who is keen on watersports
Interesting. I suppose the easiest way of waterproofing controls is to do it the same way a watch winder works. Volume and tuner controls projecting perpendicular to the bodyshell(it really is a body shell) and sealed with a simple o ring. Then you need to make sure they cant be knocked off so recess them a bit. Good work though. GRP is fantasic stuff for small volume production!
At the moment there are strips of rubber inner tube on the inside so it is pretty much splash proof.It isn't completely water tight yet but if you have any suggestions it would be appreciated.
Simple! Place a cap on the inside around the dial. Now drill a hole in the cap, glue a rod to the dial and seal on both sides with a rubber washer. Next glue the rod extension to the dial on the radio chip inside the now water-proof container.
Um from the pictures this is in a garage not a university, and I could have done this in 12 hours. <br>Otherwise great job making a weird looking radio.
You can make it in 12 hours? Do it then, i bet you don't.
Interesting concept, I like it!<br />How do you seal against water ingress at the dial locations?<br />
I'm glad you asked as I was wondering the very same thing.

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