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Introduction: Radio Rack

Radio Rack by Roxanne Roach
Do you love to listen to the radio while you cook or bake?  If you have an old receiver and turntable laying around and don't use it to listen to vinyl anymore, I have a great idea for you! 
I found an old am/fm receiver and 8 track player with speakers at a garage sale last year.  I was just using it for a radio, but updated to a home theater, and since it had such a great sound, I didn't want to pitch it, so I moved the receiver and speakers into the kitchen. The arm of the turntable was broken when I bought it.  After I cleaned it up, I converted the turn table into a "lazy susan" type of spice rack, and the rack for 8 track tapes, of which I do not own any, I use to hold saucers or small serving plates.  Now I have fun cooking and listening to the radio, with a convenient spice center at my finger tips!



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