A collection of radio hacks by Level 2 students of Product Design at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD). All students were given a Sony portable radio and asked to add value by redesigning it for a new application. Here you will find out how to replicate the prototypes they made. You are invited to comment, discuss, and reinterpret all of these projects.

The learning objectives for this module included developing skills particular to industrial design, becoming familiar with basic soldering and hacking techniques, and understanding the application of prototyping in designing for both human and engineering factors.

Roy Shearer, module leader for DJ21011: Industrial Design, DJCAD, 2011."
Radio Redux: How to embed a radio in a scarf style
This Instructable is a guide for how to embed an average consumer radio in a scarf. I named it the Snugsounds radio and I developed the idea for a university project. There are things I would change a...
Radio Redux - Easy Listening Radio style
I am a second year product design student from the University of Dundee. This year, our task was to hack into an existing radio, select a new target market and build a radio accordingly. The character...
'Amplify'   :   Radio Hack. style
‘Amplify’ is a revolutionary device that allows you to turn your guitar amplifier, into a radio in seconds! Whether you’re a guitar nut, roadie, or just fancy a change from your typical radio to get t...
RadioShell: Hacking a radio for backpacking style
This instructable will show you how to hack a standard radio to be durable enough to withstand being carried around within a traveller's backpack. The RadioShell is a small, ergonomic, clamshell radi...
Altitune: Hacking a radio for climbing and adventure activities style
The Following Intractable will guide you through the steps to making a robust compact radio. The radio was made for a second year product design project at the University of Dundee.
Radio Wave style
Introducing the new Radio Wave. This new Product will revolutionize how sailors and water sport enthusiasts will listen to the radio, or just  put music to your ears in the shower. The radio wave is t...
Up Beat Radio style
This radio was designed for a University project. We were to chose a target market and then design the radio to suit that market. I chose to design my radio for people living in Indian slums so they c...
'GetUnderTheSkin' - Hacking and Making Sensory Toy Style Radio. style
This document will show you how to make a 'GetUnderTheSkin' Radio that I designed as part of a University project. We were given the task to redesign a radio using existing components from one we wer...
Coin Radio: hacking a radio style
 Coin Radio is a fun and exciting radio designed for children.  It is designed as a novelty way of interacting with the radio compared to the traditional radio design. The child will insert a coin int...
GTO Radio : Hacking a radio for nostalgic motorists style
The GTO radio is designed to bring classic American muscle and the powerful presence of radio together in one easy to use product. Its carefully selected materials have been chosen to create an aesthe...
Slidebeye Radio- Penney style
This is Penney. She is part of the Slidebeye radio family. She is sleek, made of cardboard and wood. A no frills kinda gal. If she’s not your cuppa tea that’s quite all right, there is a whole family,...
Rocking Rooster Radio - Hacking a radio to turn on when the sun rises style
For a University project we were to redesign an existing radio to add value. I know people like to listen to the radio in the morning when they wake up.The Rocking RoosterRadio uses a light sensor to...
Articulo: Hacking a Radio For Tradesmen and Outdoor Labour style
Working outdoors can be demanding.  From tree surgery to construction, the list of conditions in which workers must take on is endless.  The equipment these workers use during everyday tasks must be s...
Basic Hand Held Radio Hack For a Motorcyclist. style
As part of our Industrial design module in university we were given the brief of hacking a basic handheld radio (sony icf-s22) with the view to designing a radio for a specific user. I chose to design...
The Box Radio style
Im in my 2nd year at University of Dundee studying Innovative Product Design, this semester i received a brief to design and build a radio casing. In this blog i will record how i built the final prot...
DIY Radio: Hacking a radio for use in developing countries style
The DIY Radio is designed to be produced and sold as a flat-pack unit, consisting of three parts. An electronics module, the main body, and a cover. All of these components are designed to fit neatly ...
[Ski Radio]: Hacking a radio style
The Ski Radio is my Solution to a design brief for Product Design. Attachable to Ski Goggles, the radio comprises of four vaccum formed shells, speakers and a Sony Radio.
Connection - Lift, Lock, Listen. style
In this instructable I will run through step by step how I created my radio for my Second Year University project. We were given a brief to hack a small portable sony radio and create a re-designed ra...
Decoradio: Hacking a radio for painters and decorators style
This is our second year Product Design assignment which lasted 12 weeks at Dundee University. Our aim was to create a fully functioning radio to suit a particular user/client. For my project I chose ...
The Travelling Radio: Hacking a radio for someone who travels the world style
As part of our Second Year Product Design course we were given the brief to design a working radio. The Travelling Radio has been designed to suit a young adult who loves to travel the world. The radi...
VisionRadio : an innovative radio design for the blind or visually impaired. style
I am studying Product Design at the University of Dundee and this semesters project was to design a radio by deconstructing an existing radio and redesigning the outer shell. To begin this process we ...
PureTone: Hacking a Radio for an Enviromentaly Aware Student style
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Arkive Radio: Innovative Radio with recording features style
For my semester 1 industrial design project was to design a radio for a certain real or fictional person. The person this radio was designed for was a middle aged bu isnessman or banker who required a...
Beats Radio: Hacking a radio for traveling business man/designer. style
Beats by Dr Dre bring you high quality music through very comfortable headphones. Beats Radio brings this same quality of music but through all your favourite radio channels. The radio is small and co...