Picture of Radio Voltage Steal
How to hack your radio so supply 9 or 12 DC Voltage.

Step 1: What and Why

Picture of What and Why
Hacking the radio supply would able you to have an excellent stabilized generator, for 11-12 volts, or 6 volts, if you continue to use the clock in the same time.

In the radio, the voltage supply, is composed by :
-Diode Bridge

This system is called "Output Smoothing" : principle : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Diode_bridge_smoothing.svg

The transformer supply 9 or 12 volts in AC, and the diode bridge transform it into DC, but there is always "variations" of current, then there is a capacitator to avoid this problem and have a stable DC.

A generator like this cost, approximately 20 € -16 $ in an electronic store.
Gjdj37 years ago
That's an interesting idea, I just had trouble understanding you sometimes. Just curious, what application would this have?
sandokan (author)  Gjdj37 years ago
Sorry, I'm not that good in English " (it's my first Instructable ") ... But the application would be a generator. I worked with it one hour ago in order to testing my new led toy (something built with a pair of LEDs) and this "generator" give approx' 8 volts in DC current. (8.37 volts the last time) but i sold the wires on the speaker .
Gjdj3 sandokan7 years ago
Yeah, no problem about the English and congrats on finishing your first Instructable. I think I understand better now about the generator (I did a google search).
sandokan (author)  Gjdj37 years ago
Ah ok , thx I'm glad that you enjoyed my instructable . If you have questions just tell
Cool idea! Could I solder in a USB cable so I can charge my creative zen (mp3-player) or smart-phone with my radio this way, you think?
sandokan (author)  Ranie-K6 years ago
Well, I think so, but it may be dangerous. Because if your Creative ,require an exactly voltage, then, for example if you provide 8.30 volt (with the radio) , and the Creative require 9 volt, it can be unsafe for the battery. How many volts/amp require the battery ? I have other solutions, as, using the voltage supply of a old printer, or of a telephone charger ... I'll post an Instructable if i've the time for it.