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Introduction: Radio Jammer

This one is super easy and does not take long.

Step 1: What You Need

1 remote control

 some masking tape

1 raido

Step 2:

First,check if the remote contol messes up the radio when thay are both on

Step 3:

If it does, then tape it  near the radio.

Step 4:

Then turn it on. If its close then it will turn the radio off. Great for scaring little sibblings.



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    Just for the benefit of anyone trying to make radio frequency jamming devices, they're illegal on a federal level per the Communications Act of 1934. So for all intents and purposes, this 'ible is purely academic and hypothetical. Just a heads up. Anyway, as for the theory on jamming devices, it amounts to simply emitting a white noise signal across the band of frequencies you wish to block. The only catch is your signal has to be stronger, which is accomplished either by proximity or by the power of your emitter. You would need an oscillator circuit (cannibalizing one from a walkie talkie or cb radio would be easiest to get the proper range of frequencies) to really make anything effective however, as a simple RC controller generally doesn't hit many frequencies used in communications.

    I'm sorry, but this post is kinda a fail... And it's radio, not raido ;)
    What's the frequency of the remote control, and what's stations did it block?
    Posted via my BlackBerry :D I'm an adict.

    1 reply

    the frequency is 49 and all i tried is hot 99.5

    i know there is stuff i did not say. i just bulit it on a dull sunday afternoon

    Or you could hide it just behind the cd player, hehe. Wouldnt you get a little suspicious if you saw a remote control randomly stuck to the wall?

    Good idea for a prank though.

    1 reply

    yeh your right i just put it there so u can see it

    mmm, this'll only work one frequency (unless you're not telling us something...?)