Picture of Radio receivers: from scratch - PART 2

In this segment, we will be adding a meter to measure the voltage and the amperage of the radio, and using it as a signal strength meter.

We will also build a variable capacitor, a "film" static capacitor, and a few sensitive point diodes (detectors) all except the meters will be from common household items.

As the complexity of the radio grows, so does it versatility.  More stations, and weaker stations will be able to be brought in and tuned to (believe me though, we are not going to be building a miniature  transistor radio from household parts;  this is merely to demonstrate how easy it is for  radio signals to be relieved, amplified, modulated, tuned, and listened to.

Step 1: Capacitors

Picture of Capacitors
A subject many of you are familiar with, so I will not belabor the point.