Picture of Radio/wireless headphones
(Warning to the reader i am trying to sound smart by using technical words that i think fit so please dont yell at me for it because im a beginner)
have you ever been wanting to listen to the radio or casually listening to your music when Shabam!!!
all of a sudden your headphone wires decide to wrap themselves up in knots for know other reason than to irritate you.
well beleive it or not i too had this problem and decided to remedy it
but how will you remove the wires?
not with bluetooth not with wax string or even telecommunication satelites.... no i will use the reliable american backbone that is Radio!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
like all other instructables there are some prerequisite items you must use/borrow
1)you will need a pair of head phones that are of the earmuff variety and have large speaker housings
2)you will need any kind of radio(with scan button)that you can most likely buy at the dollar store as long as it is small
3)hot glue or any other suitable adhesive
5)a soldering iron, solder,and basic knowledge on how to use it
6)a screwdriver
7) copper wire
plmqaz12433 years ago
walah? like a tea wallah?
.Unknown.4 years ago
Is the sound quality still good?
EagleGrip (author)  .Unknown.4 years ago
for the radio its only as good as the radio was, but through the headphone jack its still just as good