Raft Action!





Introduction: Raft Action!

Here's a raft I made a couple years ago to navigate the toxic waters of the Chicago area when i lived there. There are a couple holes in my documentation of building this, I didn't know about instructables at the time, so if you are unclear about anything let me know and I'll try to edit it.

Step 1: Cutting the Pieces.

So I found these three 4X8X2 Extruded Polystyrene sheets in a dumpster, the ends were all raggedy and busted so I cut them down to six feet long. Good luck finding your sheets in a dumpster however, I've never found this many relatively full size foam sheets anywhere ever again...sorry to say. Anyway, cut them up into one foot wide sections.

Step 2: Glue That Shit!

Check out the notes.

Step 3: Let It Sit.

Check out the notes.

Step 4: Well This Is Just Plain Unecessary!

Check out the notes.

Step 5: Cut That Out.

Check out the notes.

Step 6: The Wooden...things.

Check out the notes.

Step 7: More Wooden...things.

Check out the notes.

Step 8: Make Believe This Is a Real Boat.

Check out the notes.

Step 9: Make Your Raft Into the Merrimac.

Check out the notes.

Step 10: Nice Raft, Sort Of.

Check out the notes.

Step 11: Done.

Check out the notes.
The S.S.Bear-Audrey on her maiden voyage, do you sense another plot hole? It's true, I didn't take any pictures of building the deck, you could just put a big piece of plywood on there, I made my piece so it would fold and sit in my car.

And thus ends my first Instructable, thank you for reading.



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could you use hot glue? or would that not work

Looks like a pretty nice raft! I built one a couple summers ago from some salvaged lumber, miscellaneous bits and bolts, and a couple purchased items. The pontoons were each a double-row of empty freon tanks (about the size/shape of the small propane tanks, but much lighter, since they are made to not be refillable) attached with plumber's tape. I got the tanks for free from a guy who does/did (retired now, I think) commercial refrigeration. What were some of the voyages made with this fine craft? After the illustrious plans for a 3-day, 3 or 4 man trip ~60 miles down the supposedly dangerous Wabash River fell apart due to other crew members withdrawing, it sat dry on the banks of a local lake for almost a year, at which point it was moved into the landlocked lake, and a few days later, towed across to its current resting place.

My first raft I ever made was made with freon tanks, I had the good luck of growing up with a welder on hand so that made it easier I think. This fine craft just did some small trips down rivers and canals around chicago, I even got it licensed, which I though was pretty funny.

How much do you think the polystyrene sheets would cost?

hey i was just wondering, do you have an aproximate load limit for this?

Probably about 3840lbs. It's volume of hull(s)*40 to 50 - this gives you the amount of weight it would give you when just below the surface of the water. So I halved that and got 3840 :)

Stumbled upon this. You are everywhere! I seem to remember the raft working better than the antique motor...

I've always wanted to make a raft, but I don't live anywhere near a lake (Or at least one with boats).

I do have a small stream in my back yard, but it's only a foot deep at most, and is about an inch deep in others... Still want to try, though.

Any idea of its weight limit before it sinks?