Picture of Raglan Sleeve T-shirt
Make over a few boring T-shirts into a really interesting one! The waistband is optional and you could also just make a regular casing with just 2 holes at the front for the belt to go in and out of. Try this with different color combinations and have fun!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
raglan sleeve T-shirt 002.jpg
You can pick up T-shirts at a thrift shop or use some you already have. The orange shirt had the design I wanted for the front of the T-shirt, turquoise shirt was used for the sleeves and the grey shirt was used for the neck band, belt and casing for the belt. You will also need scissors, sewing machine, measuring tape and matching thread.
Nouman UzZ6 months ago

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That's awesome. This would be great to do with kids' clothing. :D