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Dear readers/fans,

This special Star Wars Flexible Sword is just using cheap led strip. You can get it from DIY, Recycle center and trash(free) for about less than USD5. Hopefully, you can enjoy 'copy and paste' it and the video is included.


Step 2: Just Follow the Tips ....

Step 3: I'm Sorry for the Compact Instruction. the Next Following Steps ... for the Good One or the Best

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Firstly, you can just reuse led strip from the car(spare part) or somewhere else such as Recycle Center, trash and DIY shop.

Secondly, you can adjust the length of the led strip. Minimum 5 centimeter long, especially, if you uses less voltage source from solar panel which always the supply voltage is just around 3 Volt to 6 Volt.

The third step, you can strap the solar or the battery source around your hand.

And lastly, you can hide the source of the direct current voltage inside your long hand sleeve....

Later, you can shape the led strip into whatever you want it if led strip's long enough.


mchau2 (author)2016-01-17

wow agree, maybe the .doc is full of content, but maybe you can add the steps to the site! this so hard to read and a lack of consideration for readers!

acherusctus (author)mchau22016-01-17

Hi, thanks a lot for your comment. Hopefully, I'll have the time to edit the steps soon.

indywave (author)2016-01-19

Interesting I've never seen something like this. Very cool.

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