Raikou's True Bolt-Action AST Rifle




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Introduction: Raikou's True Bolt-Action AST Rifle

About: I'm your average Instructables Joe. When I build things in knex, I mod them to be as strong, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

 This is my new knex gun that I've been working on for over a week. As of right now it doesn't work too well, but it does work. It features:

A magazine on top (will probably be changed to a bottom one later on).
True Trigger
Comfy handle (as long as you have 6 wheels to spare.
Customizable stock (you can extend/shorten it with more/less connectors).
True Bolt-Action
Good Range (with 1 #64 band)



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    it looks like a shotgun that is on COD Black Ops 2

    I have some pictures of the insides if you want.

    think you could send me the? pics ***** and subscription

    Yes. I made them myself. Mwahaha.


    Just kidding. Yeah, they are.

     Wow!!! ebay? And btw, the gun looks sweet with them!


     Oooh I found some on ebay... 145 for like 12$

    I doubt it. It's not meant for more than 1 64 band (otherwise the bolt breaks), so it's not meant for range. Therefore, it has no use for a scope.

    Just smother the bolt in tape, that's what I did, or just use someone elses.

    I don't have the gun anymore, but I suppose that would work. And I used the one from the ZKARv2.

    ZKAR v2's bolt let you pull it from both sides if the bands were too much to pull back on must one side.  This doesn't let you do that.

    Probably this weekend. I've got school for today (It's almost 7 AM) and tomorrow, so I'll have free time Saturday and all next week.

     I took it apart for pieces, but I can still make instructions for it using Mlcad if that's alright.