This is my new knex gun that I've been working on for over a week. As of right now it doesn't work too well, but it does work. It features:

A magazine on top (will probably be changed to a bottom one later on).
True Trigger
Comfy handle (as long as you have 6 wheels to spare.
Customizable stock (you can extend/shorten it with more/less connectors).
True Bolt-Action
Good Range (with 1 #64 band)
it looks like a shotgun that is on COD Black Ops 2
Looks really cool!  To bad you can't post.  5*
I have some pictures of the insides if you want.<br />
think you could send me the? pics ***** and subscription
Yes. I made them myself. Mwahaha. <h3>&nbsp;</h3> Just kidding. Yeah, they are.<br />
&nbsp;Wow!!! ebay? And btw, the gun looks sweet with them!
Thanks. <br />
&nbsp;Oooh I found some on ebay... 145 for like 12$
Looks great! A scope perhaps?
I doubt it. It's not meant for more than 1 64 band (otherwise the bolt breaks), so it's not meant for range. Therefore, it has no use for a scope.<br /> <br /> <br />
Just smother the bolt in tape, that's what I did, or just use someone elses.
I don't have the gun anymore, but I suppose that would work. And I used the one from the ZKARv2. <br />
ZKAR v2's bolt let you pull it from both sides if the bands were too much to pull back on must one side.&nbsp; This doesn't let you do that.<br />
looks awesome wen are you posting mlcad instructions?
Probably this weekend. I've got school for today (It's almost 7 AM) and tomorrow, so I'll have free time Saturday and all next week.<br />
do you going to post this or not
&nbsp;I took it apart for pieces, but I can still make instructions for it using Mlcad if that's alright.&nbsp;
sure<br />
this thang is sexy.
nice, post it and i rate 5* and subscribe
Looks like an upside down ZKAR.&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;It sort of is, but it has it's differences.
Still pretty cool.<br />
Oh well.&nbsp; <br />
post<br />for some reason i really like it
&nbsp;Thanks. I'll try to get it up today or tomorrow. I've been sick,but I've got free time.&nbsp;
LOL i saw this gun in the lists and thought DAMN! thats pretty kool ....saw it was by Raikou-san ... and i thought ..... .... ..... ..... -____________________-<br />
cool!<br />

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Bio: I'm your average Instructables Joe. When I build things in knex, I mod them to be as strong, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing as possible.
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