Step 7: Next project

For my A2, i'm hoping to change the coil gun/ rail gun idea and mix it with some ideas from the particle colliders. I will be making an oval section of tubing, about a metre long, and wrapping the entire thing in 8swg enamelled copper wire (if i can find enough). This will be done in about 10 sections, so if one melts, then I don't have to replace the entire lot. These will be connected to 40 amp continuous dc power supplies, with a ball bearing inside the tubes. Then, playing with about 10 different capacitor packs and light gates, I hope to be able to get the ball bearing (always hopeful) to 340m/s, the speed of sound! Hopefully, the physics department will be more supportive of this project and help me with the power supplies. Then, the tubing will be surrounded in a shell of aero-gel, and providing the physics department like my project, filled with CO2 (not liquid as it turns from solid to gas almost instantly) to about -78 C. There will also be a small gap either side of the oval so you can see inside the tube, and so the light gate can measure the speed. So, if its built well, wrapped with 3 layers of copper (a total of about  50m of wire), cooled sufficiently, and the right amount of power used, it should be attainable. If not, it'll look awesome anyway. But, that'll take another year, and won't truly be started until after the summer. 

More to follow...... after exams!! yay