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Well, some time ago, me and The Dunkis were talking, and the he said that he would rather have the rails on the side of a railgun, and not on the top. I tried something with the rails on the sides, but it was too flimsy. Then I made this. There are no annoying, bending top rails on this gun. This also doesn't have a ramrod sticking out the back. When this originally started out it had an oodammo magazine, but whenever I fired the gun, the magazine would explode. I took of the magazone, and now it is a single shot. Someone could put a turret on it if they wanted to. This has a flat trajectory, and has good power. Please rate, comment, and subscribe.


jukees (author)2012-10-29

you should add a "knex" in the title so that people dont think its an linear accelerator.
i thought that this is a railgun :/

SomeAsianKid (author)jukees2013-01-02

What is a railgun anyway?

~Meme~ (author)2012-04-15

Ah! So it is a mini BAR!

P.S. The semi auto mech dosen't work =/

~KnexBuild~ (author)~Meme~2012-04-15

It is like a mini B.A.R., but this was made before the B.A.R. The semi auto mech doesn't work? Why not?

beanieostrich (author)2012-03-20

This should be posted, I've always wanted a decent gun with an internal firing pin.

Thanks! I'll post it today if I get the time to do it.

~KnexBuild~ (author)~KnexBuild~2012-03-21

It is posted.

Thanks for posting. :)

No problem. :)

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