Step 5: Add a Hardy

Picture of Add a Hardy
Hardy 1 (1024x768).jpg
SInce you can't drill a square hole through steel, I made my hardy hole round. (5/8") I then tightened a bolt and nut through the overhang, bolt on top, and welded the nut in place on the underside.

I made a number of hardy tools, welding them to the head of different bolts and oriented across the anvil face. They are nothing like as quick to use as a hardy, which can be removed and replaced in a second, but they do the job.
ebend123 years ago
I suppose broaching a square hole is out of the question?
RangerJ (author)  ebend123 years ago
I guess you could machine a square hole if you wanted to work at it. If you happen to have a bunch of hardies, it would probably be worth the trouble. Otherwise, the welded nut idea works fine, and if you are particularly ambitious, you can make your own fullering,swaging, and cutoff hardies (like the one shown), forks, and what have you.