Picture of Railroad Train Smashes Shopping Cart Creating a Sweet Lowboy Dolly
Some tweaker near here likes to leave shopping carts on the railroad tracks.
Trains smash them which does them no good. Usually.
Today however I found one which the train managed to actually improve,
by making it into a tasty little lowboy dolly.
picture: Will Bosworth savors the joy of this wagon's utter smoothness.

Step 1: Wreckage

Picture of Wreckage
Someone likes to leave shopping carts on the train tracks here.
Here's the remains of the basket part of one such cart.
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ilpug4 years ago
now people across the country will be putting shopping cart in front of trains.... nah, just kidding. this is a great project.
An Villain5 years ago
tetleyex9 years ago
But, surely, the supermarkets themselves (presumably thats where the trolleys would come from) are immoral as they put thousands of smaller shops out of business every year, costing the owners their liveleyhoods and their income, ontop of this many exploit their staff with low pay... But, meh, thats nothing to do with this... What a way to make something trivial kinda serious eh? :P And I'm just curious, did you pack all your belongings into those bags especially for that top photo? :P
BLOODY COMMUNIST! capitolism's the only economic poilcy that works; look what happened to soviet russia! east germany's a huge ghost town now because of communism, and you want to bring it back?
how does capitolism work?
america the biggest captolist society on earth, with a huge unemployment percentage(so the size of the population doesn't matter)
compare that to the unemployment in north korea, the people's republic of china or even the USSR.
I totally agree east Germany has become a ghost town but that's not due to communism. Before the fall of the Berlin wall East Germany was prosperous enough, after the fall of the berlin wall it was up to the democratic system to re-construct the regoin but made a f***-up of it, as per usual =P
capitolism works by selling time and effort, in exchange for money, which you can then spend on goods and services. As opposed to communism, where everyone's equal, from the doctor to the guy who sweeps up outside your house, there's no incentive to work. I think that people should be able to do what they want to do with the money they earned with their hard work, instead of have it taken from them by a government that's imposed ridiculously high taxes to support peasants. East germany is empty now not due to communism, but due to the fall of the noticably communist soviet bloc. For tiny, as-yet undiscovered villages in the rainforest, communism's a fine economic proposal, but it's economic suicide for any nation. Finally, about your communist states You mean the dissolved USSR, totalitarian north korea and China, which is now implementing economic reforms?
The USSR dissolved as a result of war, like British controlled America, or the German monarchy. Those regimes failed through force. And of course there's incentive to work, that being better work conditions. Do you think a doctor is as comfortable job as a road sweeper? With the change of regime it was up to the new democratic system in Germany to re-structure it, but it was never done, at least never done well. "government that's imposed ridiculously high taxes to support peasants." What's that suppose to mean? Peasants being usual working class people. In Britain the richest 5% own 25% of all wealth, and the working class own 5% while we make up 45% of the population. And economic reforms mean nothing, countries' stances and policies change all the time.
I totally agree with you. Capitalism is a system under which men exploit men, capitalists dont even help themselves, the main point of it is "get the most for yourself". And i live in a capitalistic country and i work for a change. Im Mexican and i hate my people fleeing to US because capitalism tells them to have an american dream. It may be different to Irish, but you got the point
neigh I say. to the both you (though capitalism is quite a bit better than communism) libertarianism beats it all
Right On!!!!!!!! DrThousand
More accurately I would call myself an extremist libertarian
Hey KSCAF fight capitalism and donate your laptop to the government then..........
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nabzaf6 years ago
ok i use to do this all the time i had many of the cart like this they are great cause they have many uses. Move'n furniture by your self. put your grill on. Tv stand so you can watch the game out side and my fav is cart race'n strap a lawnchair on it and go.
SureShot6 years ago
Nice save:-)
Nice Instructable, shame that the carts that get crushed around where I live don't have the plastic body; though my friend did manage to make a sweet lawn chair out of one such cart.
ClaireW016 years ago
A perfect garden dolly, unloading the car of a ton of stuff, loading the car with a ton of stuff. It's a beauty!
is that guy selling or buying drugs because one of his pant legs are up
Yes, he deals drugs, and it's just coincidence that his drive-side pant leg is up.
snipegoat7 years ago
are you kidding me and my friends got some shopping carts (W/O plastic thing) at an ACE HARDWARE STORE for like $2 each, we got like 20 of em
prionix9 years ago
Anybody know of any good (and legal) sources for shopping carts?
the bottom of any canal in any town in the western world.
Don't you hate it when people turn a comments into a chatroom?
navtal8 years ago
The obvious not so obvious approach to inventing. Good idea!
nittywitty9 years ago
I was hoping for something more innovative ... all you did was chop the basket off :(
Bah, hot do you measure innovation. Some of the greatest inventions are "obvious".
dalton20219 years ago
tim anderson nobody cares about your logic shut up and its our land we killed the indians and the ones we didnt kill have little reservations to build casinos and stuff its our land and theirs is the little patch o heaven they have
kinda like survival of the fittest aint it? take a lesson from the sharks, they keep the ocean balanced by weeding out with weaker and make the ocean a better place to live! (man that was fun saying that in my head lol)
cars are more dangerous Do you watch top gear? you see the episode where clarkson smashes a car with a train at a level crossing?
yeah it got smashed up really bad!! i couldnt believe the bit with the old man in the little red 3 wheeler, he drove straight into the tracks!!!
I once overheard this conversation: Q: "Remember Jimmy Larsen? How he used to derail trains?" A: He was a crazy messed up guy."
like you HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!(joke)
rocotillo8 years ago
did the irish americans stop funding the ira terror after 9/11
vader4068 years ago
leaving carts on the railroad can be very hazardous
H4x0r138 years ago
why is it that this entire thing started over a SHOPPING CART??????? i
i dunno, triofaidh ar la
Megavolt9 years ago
In all this bickering, no one thought to ask why one of the guy's pants legs is rolled halfway up. What's the deal with that? Oh yeah, and .775volts...you are right about this forum being for constructive thought and not politics because politics from my point of view has nothing to do with constructive thought!!
TimAnderson (author)  Megavolt8 years ago
It's cuz once he heard the mermaids sing while he strolled the beach with pants up-rolled.
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