Picture of Rain Barrels
Making rain barrel systems was a blast. A few mistakes down the way, but all in all it came out to be a great addition to my yard. Took all the idea's I liked from other sites and combined them to make my own.
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Step 1: Tools - Parts

Picture of Tools - Parts
This would have been a cheap project If I had all the right tools to begin with...

Step 2: Cut some holes

Picture of Cut some holes
Note you will be flipping the barrels so the caps are on the bottom.

Step 3: Do some connections

Picture of Do some connections
IMG_0306 copy.JPG
Do some sealing. That PVC hardens fast so WHATCH OUT!!!

Step 4: Overflow

Picture of Overflow
IMG_0303 copy.JPG
It fills up fast!!!

Step 5: Done

Picture of Done
You can use any size roof. My roof is 20' by 7' and fills up extremely fast. Had the 1st heavy rain storm through and it was coming out the overflow in 20 mins...

Step 6: Another addition

Picture of Another addition
IMG_0305 copy.JPG
got a free barrel so I made a single unit for the front..

This one cost 11 bucks cause I had the gear...

The 1st one cost me around 100 bucks. Thats $40 for the 2 barrels. (could find them for free if you have patience) around $40 for tools and sealants.