This is a simple chain used for downspout rather than conventional 5" downspout. Did not want to see heavy spout.
Revision: See next step to raise chain into gutter.

Step 1: Cut in drop into existing gutter

Drop will permit wire hanger for chain.
Revision: Raise chain into gutter for better water action on chain - don't hang as photo.
<p>Simple idea, but a great idea.</p>
<p>Cool idea.</p>
What is it, what's it's purpose? I've never seen or heard of anything like it? Is it something American 'cos I've never seen the like in Britain!
<p>I have seen them in England.</p>
piks. This project was to relieve rain water overflowing the gutter system. This is a low spot in my gutter system, I did not want to see a standard 5" downspout (leader) so I used a chain which will help direct the water flow. Thanks for your posting.
You can buy them in the UK. They come from Japan originally. The water running from the gutter trickles and tumbles down the chain. More beautiful than an ugly downpipe.
<a href="http://www.monarchrainchains.com" rel="nofollow">Rain chains</a> are a functional and elegant replacement for conventional downspouts.
Another rainwater harvesting system, this one fed by a <a href="http://www.monarchrainchains.com" rel="nofollow">rain chain</a> and designed to blend seamlessly with the plantings surrounding the house for a natural look.
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Japanese been using this for years...
This would look really cool with one of those extremely heavy gage chains that you sometimes see on piers! <br>
Yes, but the load (weight of chain) is something to consider.
i guess it wouldn't be too great to rip the gutters off of your house...
Have you figured out how to eliminate (or minimize) splashing and spray?
I Have no problem with splashing since rain is splashing all over the place.<br>I guess you question results in an area where splashing is not something you want. Try a &quot;coated&quot; chain or plastic material to cause a slick surface for rain travel.<br>Let me know your situation.<br>Tony
I'm using a standard galvanized steel chain... I think most splashing comes from all water not getting stuck to chain. I'm looking for a funnel solution or some other way to direct water to chain. maybe 1/4 or 1/3 of water drips off corner of downspout hole, rather than travelling along chain.
Chain link size should be analyzed for good water contact. Gutter cleaning, short downspouts drop, ability to slightly adjust hanging chain alignment to gutter opening are things I would look at.
I'm gonna do this when I finish moving into my old house. Thanks.
Saw something similar at a military college in the UK where they used anchor chains off a minesweeper. The chains are made of a non magnetic metal so they never rusted. Looked nice when it rained seeing it course down the chain and the there wasn't that much spray off the chain either. However obtaining these chains night be a bit cost prohibitive!!
very nice. i think you should anchor it at the bottom (or at least mention the option). i know the wind where i live could blow the chain around and do some cosmetic damage, if not worse.
i saw a hell of a lot of these when I was living in Japan. really zen to watch. the water flows down the chain so it is a waterfall of sorts when it rains. you can see the rain water. have the chain go in to a pond so that you: a) collect the water, b) do something useful wityh it rather than letting it go down the sewer.
This is a great idea! Very nice work--functional, economical, and highly aesthetic.
i saw one of these at a vacation house in vermont once, wondered what it was.
These are quite common in Asia. Instead of the rain water tumbling out of rain gutters , the flow is directed by the chain in a more cohesive manner and straight down, Splattering is minimized. They have even turned it into an art form; using inverted brass bells as cups down the length of the chain. so what you get is a cascading series of bell cups overflowing to the next lower cup. (See the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha") the concept furher slows down the water flow besides creating a pleasing miniature waterfall effect. Works well in areas where when it rains, it really pours.
What a great idea! And it looks great too!

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