Rain Chain at Roof Gutter





Introduction: Rain Chain at Roof Gutter

This is a simple chain used for downspout rather than conventional 5" downspout. Did not want to see heavy spout.
Revision: See next step to raise chain into gutter.

Step 1: Cut in Drop Into Existing Gutter

Drop will permit wire hanger for chain.
Revision: Raise chain into gutter for better water action on chain - don't hang as photo.

Step 2: Rain Water Dumps Into Plant Bucket.

Plant Bucket has strainer and drains to under lawn piping.

Step 3: No Standard Oriental Rain Chain Sounds, But Rain Drops Are Nice.

The rusting chain helps to blend into the foliage.



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    Simple idea, but a great idea.


    What is it, what's it's purpose? I've never seen or heard of anything like it? Is it something American 'cos I've never seen the like in Britain!

    piks. This project was to relieve rain water overflowing the gutter system. This is a low spot in my gutter system, I did not want to see a standard 5" downspout (leader) so I used a chain which will help direct the water flow. Thanks for your posting.

    You can buy them in the UK. They come from Japan originally. The water running from the gutter trickles and tumbles down the chain. More beautiful than an ugly downpipe.

    Japanese been using this for years...

    This would look really cool with one of those extremely heavy gage chains that you sometimes see on piers!

    Yes, but the load (weight of chain) is something to consider.

    i guess it wouldn't be too great to rip the gutters off of your house...