A rain garden is a garden strategically located and designed with the purpose of retaining and filtering runoff water from roofs, lawns, and streets. Run off water is full of toxins ranging from pesticides, fertilizers, oil and other chemicals left on the street by cars and humans. This water can be very harmful to the ecosystem, and reduces drinking water quality. According to researchers at the University of Connecticut "a shallow depression in a garden containing bark mulch and shrubs can remove up to 99% of toxins." Although this might not seem like a substantial difference in the larger scheme, rain gardens are scientifically proven affective.

So make a Rain Garden!

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Step 1: Analyze the area.

Find out where is the most effective location.


Im in New Mexico, theres not much rain here, but I just started a gardening group . . . want to join? Add this instructable please!<br/><a href="http://www.instructables.com/group/reapwhatyousow/">http://www.instructables.com/group/reapwhatyousow/</a><br/>
Spellcheck! Also, on friday we should come up with a materials/tools list, and maybe even some diagrams?
This is really cool. Could you give details here (I havent checked out your links) types of plants hardy enough to grow with run off water mulch/soil mix What defines the most effect location Water needs outside of the rainy season thanks!

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