We have a number of rain barrels and 275gal totes that we have acquired in various ways. We needed a way to filter the water coming from the rain gutters before storing it in the totes (we figured they would be hard to clean out later). I also wanted a way to divert water into multiple barrels so that when it rains we can fill multiple containers in parallel. After evaluating many different designs i settled on a two 2.5 gal bucket system with 1/2 inch hoses for the divert-er.

Step 1: Supplies

  • Two 2.5 gallon buckets and lids.
  • One tube of Kwik Seal silicone.
  • Gorilla Glue
  • One replacement water filter for, what i think was, a pool pump (i got a two pack for $9).
  • Window screen. I used an extra one i had in my garage.
  • Four 1/2" barbed couplings.

  • 50' roll of 1/2" tubing for drip systems.

The whole thing cost about $25.

<p>Just what I was looking for.</p>
for future reference, because who knows what is in your gutter, maybe but sand and charcoal in one of the buckets for more filtration, and cleaner water

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