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    i wanted a brief information for the school h.w. but this is complex....

    I'm in the early stages of planning, but how do you deal with winter and the snow?

    Could you tell me how large the individual corrugated panels for these tanks are, please? I may get a tank similar to this and I have to make sure the parts will pass through the property, as there's no access to the rear garden other than through the property. Thx.

    Does anyone supply these tanks with a gutter around them so they can be used as a collection area?

    Question: How does the water from the roof get to the tank do the water levels just equal out and kinda spill into the tank?

     The water runs off the roof into the feeder pipe and the weight of the water in the feeder pipe creates a siphon and the water just goes up and over into the tank.

    Great, I was wondering that as well. So the pipe just goes down and then back up, right? Did you provide any kind of clean-outs there? And how do you prevent leaves, etc. from getting in?

    there are no trees near the house for that purpose.


    I was wondering where you bought the panels for your tank.

    they look a lot like grain bin panels. Is that what they are?