Introduction: Rain Drop

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get your rainbow loom and your hook and rubber bands

Step 1:

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put two rubber bands but on the last one put just one

Step 2:

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Put one rubber band all away up

Step 3:

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then do the same thing on the one that does not have rubber bands

Step 4:

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get one rubber band and put it on the peg next to it and do it on the last one keep on doing it unit the

Step 5:

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Then on the other ones doing like a single on both them

Step 6:

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Then tie it to the a knot

Step 7:

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then take it off then a put the rubber band on c clip


Mia1r (author)2014-11-25

sorry I will make it better next time

This looks cool, but I can barely see it from your pictures :(

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