Rain Water Collection / Filtration / Storage System Howto





Introduction: Rain Water Collection / Filtration / Storage System Howto

This video shows a 300 gallon system to store water that is scalable using 55 gallon plastic drums and inexpensive components. Should be enough information for you to take from it what you need and make your own version. Hope it is helpful!



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    This looks like a really complex water collection cum filtration system and I bet it must have needed careful planning and hardwork to be achieved. Nevertheless, in response to all the commotion in the comments section, I guess different states have varying laws regarding rainwater. I heard some countries prohibit collecting it is simply because stagnant waters attract insects that could spread diseases.

    its very nice system pls share the pdf on mahesh.gan.143@gmail.com

    um... ya only in colorado... forgot to mention that... :/

    Please PROVE your Illegal to collect rain water-------------anywhere DARE YOU !!!!!!~

    i think in peru, is ilegal collect rain water. not at water privatization! (sorry for my bad english :P )

    I love your invention but did you know its illegal to collect rain water

    i dont know where you live but in the usa rain water is still free about the only free thing but that is

    I live in NY state, USA, and I have never heard of it being illegal to collect rain water. Would be interesting to hear your take on this, perhaps you can provide details for the community in case there are areas where this is of concern. If for some reason it is illegal here, then I will have to be a criminal since I need to grow food for my family.

    I moved to colorado about 18 yrs ago anf ound out til recently it was illegal to save rain water do to water rights being sold to california. now you can collect if you meet certain requirements not sure what those are yet but will check into it since I would really like to set up one of your systems.

    HOLY crackers! It's illegal here?! I was going to create a rain barrel for my garden. Maybe I can do it without anyone knowing. *shifty eyes*