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Introduction: Rainbow

Homemade rainbow of colors.  My daughter loves rainbows and wanted to be one for Halloween.  This is what I came up with for her costume.  It was a huge hit!  Most popular costume in the neighborhood.



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    Can i know how do you made that rainbow and how the pipe like thing is attached.plz reply to me as i am making my child as rainbow in the fancy dress competition.

    Hi ,

    My daughter loves rainbows like yours. I am thinking to throw a rainbow themed birthday party. Could you let me know how you did this rainbow costume?? Hope I can make one for my daughter on her birthday

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    Hot glue pool noodles together also hold the together with rubber bands. Then glue white stuffing to the ends for clouds. My daughter wore a backpackctgat was also glued with "clouds" to hold up the rainbow. Super easy. Place rainbow on top of backpack. It stayed on without trying or gluing. Good luck!

    I love using pool noodles, but i would have never thought to use them like this. Awesome Job!

    Oh my goodness, that is wonderful! I always loved rainbows when I was younger, but never thought of actually being a rainbow!

    So cute! Tell us more about how you made it. Is the rainbow made out of balloons?