Have you ever needed all the colors of the rainbow but didn't want to pack a whole pack of crayons then do I have the thing for you. This easy crayon is perfect for on the go situations. It also looks really good so it's perfect for kids going back to school. I hope you enjoy this craft and don't fogey to vote for me it would mean a lot. Thank you :)

Step 1: What You Need

To make this rainbow crayon you need:
• six crayons in the color of the rainbow
• a plate
• wax paper
• A microwave

Step 2: Prepare

Put a piece of wax paper on the plate. Then on the plate and put the crayons on like it is in the picture and microwave.

Step 3: Microwave

After that microwave it for 3 minute. Pull it out with oven mitts (it might be hot) and let the crayon sit. Then when it's cool to the touch pop it out and your done.
It not so good
Cute and handy I love it
Thank you I had fun making this and please vote for me it would mean a lot

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