In this instructable you will see how to make on of these cool Rainbow Cube Coasters - ready to hold cups of many sizes.

They could be made with various different alternating patterns, instead of just a simple checkerboard pattern - they could even be at random heights to give more of an effect.

They are simple to make only needing:

  • 25 Wooden Cubes
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Wood Glue.

In fact, what I just said above is the entire materials step.

They are so simple to make that this instructable is only 3 steps (including this one!) Have an afternoon to spare? Why not sit down, relax and make a rainbow cube coaster!

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Thanks :D

Step 1: Rainbow Painting

Crack open those paints and get painting. Be sure to follow the pattern shown in the pictures as you paint them.

They will most likely need a second coat. Possibly even a third - this all depends on the thickness of your paints.

After they are all painted it should look something like the second picture when they are assembled.

<p>I love that you staggered the heights of the cubes to make for a more interesting pattern. Great job! </p>

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