My Hubby loves eggs, especially deviled eggs.  Then I came across the idea, to dye the eggs found here: http://www.foodjimoto.com/2011/04/easter-eggs.html, so I just had to make them for a family BBQ this weekend.  So here is a colorful version of deviled eggs.  Let’s get started.

Step 1:

Fresh eggs (I am making a dozen)
Pot with lid (to boil them in)
Glass or plastic cups
Food coloring
Miracle whip
Paring knife
<p>Thank you for the info... I'd like to share something. We love hard boiled eggs and deviled eggs. That said, that problem with the shell sticking to the egg was frustrating. My daughter did a science fair project on it prior to Internet. She wrote to egg suppliers and ask what caused this. </p><p>All three companies said almost the same thing. </p><p>Don't use extremely fresh eggs, wait at least it averaged between them 3-7 days. And the KEY to peeling the egg is to tap the top and the bottom and then proceed to peel. Tapping the top and the bottom allows release in the pockets in the shell. It was amazing!! All of the parents and teachers loved her project. And I loved it more because I've peeled my eggs with ease now for years. </p><p>And for a fast easy way to boil eggs I use a Noric Wave microwave 4-egg cooker, 8 minutes and it's done.</p>
Good to know. Thanks for sharing.<br>
<p>Thank you for explaining things so thoroughly. I appreciate knowing that my preferred dressing, Miracle Whip, is also a bit safer! I would have bought mayo to make my easter deviled eggs, but I'll stick with what I have now. I also wanted to leave you a tip. When you are cooling down your eggs, fast and cold is the way to go, give the eggs a bit of a wack to crack the shells in at least one place as soon as you can handle them. I usually just use a table knife or hit them on the side of the pan. As they cool quickly, they will draw in just enough moisture as they cool and contract that they will be a breeze to peel. I've been doing this for decades but never knew that was also why I haven't had the little green ring on the egg yolks either. Thanks for a great instructable!</p>
Kind of like the idea but was wondering. This might be a stupid question. I know the eggs are dried but does the coloring come off or stain you fingers when you eat them?
Not enough to worry about. Thanks for looking.
they were awesome! thanks for sharing!
it's just like my instructable but i used ziplock bags! i love the cup idea :D
oh what a cute idea....thanks for sharing...

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