Rainbow Fruit Popsicles





Introduction: Rainbow Fruit Popsicles

Rainbow Fruit Popsicle is very Healthy, Colorful and Delicious treat for the summer. Its an easy to make recipe and the Fresh Fruits makes it more refreshing. Best Beat the Heat Treat !!! and is loved by ALL :)

Step 1: Ingredients

1) Strawberries - 1/4 Cup

2) Cantaloupe - 1/4 Cup

3) Orange - 1 Medium

4) Kiwi - 1/4 Cup

5) Blueberries - 1/4 Cup

6) Sugar or any sweetener of choice (Optional)

7) Popsicle Mold and sticks

Step 2: Preparing the Fruits

1) Wash the fruits and chop them if necessary.

2) Blend the fruits along with sugar(any sweetener) and little water(if necessary) in a blender.

3) Fruits can be blended smooth or pulsed coarse depending on the preferences.

4) If required the seeds in Kiwi fruit can be removed by filtering.

Step 3: Freeze !!!

Measurement for the Layer

* Take the Popsicle mold and fill it with water.

* Then Measure the water that was filled in the Popsicle mold(My pop mold holds 1/4 Cup (60 ml) water)

* (Total Liquid content) / (No of layers) = Liquid content in Each layer

- [60 ml / 5 = 12 ml ]

Freezing the Popsicle

1) Measure and pour the fruit mixture in the pop molds.

2) To obtain a layered pop, need to freeze layer by layer. (One layer at a time)

3) Initially, add the strawberry layer and freeze for an hour.

4) After an hour, add the cantaloupe layer and insert the popsicle stick and freeze for an hour.

5) Followed by oranges(my orange puree was yellow), Kiwi and blueberries in an interval of an hour.

6) Once all the layers are done, freeze them for 3- 4 hours or till its completely frozen.

After the long wait, the Rainbow Fruit Popsicle is Ready to be enjoyed !



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    This looks great!! Will definitely try this, except without the kiwi. I'm allergic too kiwi :(

    1 reply

    Glad you liked it :) You can also try it out with other fruits of your choice. Thank you!

    These look great. I can't wait to make them. How much fruit puree should go into each layer?

    1 reply


    (Total Liquid content in the pop mold) / (No of layers) = Liquid content in Each layer

    I have updated in the Step 3 under "Measurement for the Layer". Please refer.Thank you !