Rainbow Lollipop Nail Art


Introduction: Rainbow Lollipop Nail Art

This Rainbow Lollipop nail art is colorful, cute and fashionable. Here's how to re-create the look in four simple steps.

You'll need red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white and glitter nail polishes, a nail art tool and optional rhinestones.

Step 1: Rainbow Stripes

Create a striped rainbow design by painting diagonal stripes of color, one above the next.

Start off with a diagonal stripe of red polish towards the base of your nail and work your way up. Above the red make an orange stripe and above the orange make a yellow stripe. Next green and finally blue.

Step 2: White Fill-in Lines

Use your nail art tool and white nail polish to make white lines where any two colors meet. When complete, there should be four white lines total.

Step 3: Add Some Glitter

Use a silver glitter polish and your nail art tool to go over two of the four stripes with glitter polish to add some interest and complete your rainbow nail art design.

Step 4: Optional Rhinestones

Finally and optionally, you can add a single rhinestone to the base of each nail just for additional interest.



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