This is my first instructable telling you how to make a triple rainbow loom bracelet.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need you rainbow loom board, bands, and hook.

Step 2: Three Rows of Bands

Place three rows on the loom like i showed above.

Step 3: Triangles

Make triangle formations all the way up the board except on the first one.

Step 4: Folding Over

Take the three rows and fold them over like the original rainbow loom.

Step 5: Connecting

Connect the three that didn't have the triangle onto the middle peg.

Step 6: Pull

Pull all except the three band on the end middle peg off and flip the bracelet so it is hanging of the loom.

Step 7: Making Longer

Make a line like the picture shows with the color of your triangles. When you finished the line fish another band through the part of the bracelet that is still on the loom. Now hook over all of the bands.

Step 8: Finish

Lift the bands off the loom and connect with a c clip.
<p>this is my rainow loom</p>
<p>this is my rainow loom</p>
<p>this is my rainow loom</p>
<p>this is my rainow loom</p>
Sorry! I accidentally put the wrong picture in step 4
does anyone have a set for a waterfall kit
<p>this triple single (found its name) was actually VERY EASY thanks so much</p>
All you rainbow loomers out there, will you guys help me get the owners of instructable to create a whole rainbow loom categorie! C'MON LETS DO IT!!!!!
potter head
hey wats a pottrheas
Oops 5 ps this is what it is supposed to be

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